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When our pediatric clinic opened in 1992, our vision was to create an innovative, state of the art, friendly yet professional opportunity for therapists, children and their families. Pediatric Therapy Associates’ top priority was and continues to be the highest quality services for each child.

PTA provides:

    1. Extensive advanced training and experience in multiple fields of pediatric therapy.

    1. Owners/therapists teach seminars to therapy colleagues, educational professionals and families.

  1.       Topics include Autism, feeding/swallowing, Neurodevelopmental Treatment, Myofascial Release,

      Total Motion Release, Sensory-Integration.

    1. Therapies are available at one site with easy collaboration among therapists for best services and for the convenience of the family.

    1. Each child is treated by an experienced pediatric therapist with home programs updated each session.

    1. Quality of therapy is emphasized rather than productivity numbers.

    1. Therapists are independent thinkers where creativity is encouraged and developed.

    1. Evidence-based treatments that produce immediate results.

    1. Small, intimate clinic setting with easy access.


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